Cue Service
Hi Quality UV Finish is our standard Finish
We clean and repair minor problems and spray with a hi-tech Ultra Violet cured finish that is very hard, heat resistant, and protects against almost anything you come in contact with playing pool.
$80 Refinish cue w/ 1 shaft
$25 Finish 6" of each additional shaft
$15 Clean and reseal shaft
New Wrap
$100 Leather, smooth black or textured
$40 Irish linen, specify color
$45 Finish over linen, like Meucci
$25 Clean Wrap and repress wrap, if possible
$20 Anywhere in US
Insurance, please specify amount to insure shippment
If you have special shipping requirements you will have to specify

$15Royal Oak
$15Elk Master
$15 Blue Diamond
$25 Water Buffalo
$25 Tallisman
$35Water Buffalo Layered
$25 Pig Skin Layered
$45 Moori
$30 Sniper
$25 Tiger (S-M-H)
$15 Triumph
$15 Triangle
$25 5th Ave
$35 Phenolic break
$45 Kamui (SS-S-M-H)
$50 Kamui (Clear)
$15 customer supplied
$35 Ivorine III
$35 Aegis
$35 Phenolic
$60 Irish Linen
Black w/White spec White w/Green spec
White w/Black spec Solid Black
White w/Double Black spec Solid White, must be coated over $70
White w/Brown spec Blackw/Green spec
White w/Double Brown spec
Walnut w/White spec
Walnut w/Black spec
Lt Brown w/White spec
Blue w/White spec
$100 and up depending on selection
Special order colors add $10 if we have it in stock there is no additional charge.

$130 29" w/white or black collar 

$250 29"  High  performance
$269 29"  High  performance Plus
$130 29" Break shaft Phenolic tip
Call     ?? extra long shafts

Shaft Collar
$25 White
$25 Black
$10 Ringds
$10 Reface
Butt Pin

Butt Joint
$35 Steel
$35 Plastic 
Match to shaft call   
$10 Reface
call Collar

Butt Inlays
$25 Special Pricing, plus programming
Butt Plate
$65 Replace not a mfg origianl
Weight System
$25 Install weight
$10 Change existing weight
$65Add weight under wrap
quote Horse shoe weight for luck
$35 Your hand writing, color filled and sealed 14 letters
Drawing engraving    call     
$100 Picture inlay 1.5x1.5 picture you supply picture
Call for shipping instructions

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