Checker Board Cue 245 inlays
King Snake Cue   Ebony/Ivory/Snake skin
Leaf Cue     Quilted Maple/Birdseye Maple 24 inlays
Little-Vagas  Cue     Amburle/Ebony 24 inlays 4 points
8 Point Ebony/Red Heard  4 inlays
2007 Cue  Quilted Maple/Cocabola 4 points 8 inlays
Charlotte NC Cue  Bicote w/Picture enlay
BIG RED 1 Cue  Bicote/red,white,blue wrap
Rubin Cue  Maple  stain red w/snake wrap
Strickland cue   Cocabola/Maple/Ebony/Ivory 4 points 12 inlays
Browning Cue Maple stained green 4 inlays
M Wright Cue   Maple 4 points
M Bess Cue   Maple handle Bicote arm and sleeve
Shark Cue  Maple 4 points w/shark engraved
Rigdon Cue   Maple/leather wrap 4 points
Shell Cue  Maple/Ebony/Ivory
Shevenell Cue   Maple 16 inlays
Jackson Cue   Cocobola w/picture inlay
Tatto from legg of owner
4 white points with blue pearl inlay diamonds
Dockery cue  stained maple w/elk horn ferrule

h c s i l v e r t @ A O L . c o m

Ricky's Cue
This cue made in 1997 refinished 1/2011

        Show Me The Money Cue

This cue is made of Madigascar Ebony with a pearl-set butt sleeve. The dollar signs are inlays with scroll corners. The points are modified 8 point stars ivory color. The wrap is Irish linen white double black speck. The joint sleeve is polished steel and the joint is 5/6-18 implex. The shaft is a Smith custom Inner-Flex low deflection 12mm maple shaft with custom insert and ferrule.